Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alkaline water for Dogs

"I adopted my Shih Tzu, Miescha as a puppy, straight from the nest. I have only ever given her Alkaline water in her woof bowl. Recently we were on a trip for a few days from home, with the last of our water supply gone, I gave her ordinary "clean" tap water, thinking that she was be thirsty enough to drink anything. How wrong I was, Miescha would not drink the tap water... she turned her nose up at it, walked away and waited till we got home. When we got home I gave her the usual Jupiter Alkaline water, and she drained the whole bowl, normally a full days supply. I have since tested her to see if it was a one off situation, but she will not drink tap water. I thought that I was the picky one in this family, but now I have been outdone by my pooch! She is more like a human than most humans, but she has proven to me that there is no substitute for quality.... and maybe dogs have

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